It’s funny when you consider the word ‘mindset’, it has an implied meaning that your mind is set. But in actual fact, your mindset isn’t set and it can be changed in more ways than one.

There are different kinds of mindsets including fixed and growth mindset.

Let’s take a look at these.

According to the Harvard Business School, Someone with a growth mindset views intelligence, abilities, and talents as learnable and capable of improvement through effort. On the other hand, someone with a  fixed mindset views those same traits as inherently stable and unchangeable over time.

So depending on whether you have a fixed or growth mindset will depend on whether you believe your mindset can indeed be changed.

And indeed having a fixed or growth mindset is going to determine how you see the world and how you respond to different situations and events.

Dr Jacob Towery of Stanford University Department Of Psychiatry says: “the good news is mindsets are highly changeable, and if you are willing to learn the technology of changing your mindset and defeating your distorted thoughts, you can have significantly more happiness.”

So what can you do to change your mindset?

1. Notice whether you have a Fixed Mindset (intellect, creativity and other personal qualities and attributes are set and cannot be changed) or Growth Mindset (intellect, creativity and personal attributes and qualities can be shaped and changed with practice).

2. Accept the suggestion that your mindset can be changed and look for ways that you can change yours

3. Notice the thoughts you think on repeat or the words you say. Does this indicate a positive Growth Mindset or a stuck Fixed Mindset? Then you can begin to work on reframing the thoughts and beliefs that aren’t helping you. An example of reframing a thought is: I failed at that vs That didn’t work out as I was expecting but I’ve learnt a lot to take with me next time.

4. Start writing it down so you can detect the patterns you may or may not be aware of, or ask someone to start noticing this for you and tell you when you’re repeating particular attitudes. Once you have the list of thoughts and beliefs that make up your mindset then you can begin to categorise the thoughts and beliefs that help you and those that don’t

5. Get around the people and activities that empower a positive attitude and Growth Mindset. Learn by watching, listening, observing, practising and repeating.

6. The mind loves to learn by repetition and it loves what’s familiar. So if you want to change the way you think, it’s going to take effort and practice.

7. The fastest way to change your mindset AKA your set of beliefs is via hypnosis to get beneath your thinking brain into your auto-pilot brain AKA your subconscious that is operating your thoughts, and beliefs on repeat.

If you want to change your mindset, it definitely is possible and the fastest way is by working with your subconscious mind. The great thing is, I can teach you how.

Like anything this will require meticulous attention and practice. It won’t change overnight just by thinking and reframing, but if you practice it enough it will begin to change.

If you’d like support around changing your mindset in a fast, effective way using RTT as the pathway book a call with me and we can chat through the options available to you.