Have you ever thought about what a High Achievers Mindset might cost you as an entrepreneur, business owner, or in your career?

It may not be a question you’ve ever thought about in this context, but here’s why it’s important to consider

Whilst a High Achiever is often associated with someone who performs to a very high standard, some other calling cards of a High Achiever include personality traits such as:

  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • People pleasing
  • Overthinking
  • Overwhelm

And all of these calling cards come at a cost to valuable assets like:

  • Time which is a LIMITED resource;
  • Money which is a VALUABLE resource; and
  • Emotional well-being, which may arguably be the MOST VALUABLE of these assets

Some of the ways a High Achiever’s Mindset may be costing you as an entrepreneur or business owner include:

  • Inability to make decisions because you fear you’ll make a mistake and get it wrong
  • Not taking the action that creates momentum in your business, because you’re afraid of mistakes or being judged by others
  • Being busy doing things that really don’t move the needle in your business
  • Outsourcing decision-making to ingratiate other people, only to find it come back to bite you
  • Thinking you need to do every single thing in your business, even if it’s not your zone of genius, because nobody can do it as good as you
  • Overthinking every decision and going around in circles
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the growing list of Things To Do because you’re stuck in procrastination.
  • Physical, mental and/or emotional burnout

Some of the ways a High Achiever’s Mindset may be costing you in your career include:

  • People pleasing behaviour resulting in you getting walked over and missing out on career opportunities
  • Not going for that promotion because you’re afraid you’ll get passed over for someone you think is better than you
  • Not asking for a pay rise because you’re afraid your Boss will say No
  • Wasting time re-doing tasks over and over again because it doesn’t meet your standard of perfection
  • Insisting you do everything yourself because nobody can do it as good as you
  • Working excessive hours in your pursuit of excellence and a strong desire  to please others
  • Physical, mental and/or emotional burnout

And these are just a few examples of how a High Achievers Mindset may cost you in your business or career.

If you identify with this and would love some support around leveraging the power of a High Achieving Mindset, please contact me to for a confidential discussion about how I may be able to support you, or your organisation.