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The Happiness Hangout is a 10-week, in-person well-being program located in Eatons Hill; designed to take your tween or teen girl from stressed, anxious and disconnected; to calm, confident and in control of their emotional well-being.

Are you concerned about some of the changes you’re noticing in your daughter?

Things like:

  • withdrawing from activities she once enjoyed;
  • spending a lot more time on her own, isolating herself from family and friends;
  • excessively worrying about things that didn’t usually concern her;
  • more irritable than usual without being able to put it down to anything in particular;
  • telling you she feels anxious;
  • telling you she worries about what people think of her all the time;
  • disrupted sleep routines, including not wanting to go to sleep, not being able to get to sleep, or waking up throughout the night;
  • avoiding what she sees as a difficult or challenging situation;
  • complaining of frequent headaches and stomach aches;
  • nail-biting;
  • hair pulling;
  • overly sensitive to comments or perceived criticism from family or friends;
  • a drop in grades, a lack of interest in school, or difficulty concentrating; or
  • not wanting to socialise with friends.

And as their parent or caregiver, it’s hard to know how to help, isn’t it?

And even though you may have a close relationship with your daughter, you’re not a mind-reader and you know she’s only sharing the stuff she wants you to know. 

That’s one thing I know hasn’t changed over the years!

Often our teens don’t always want an ‘expert’.  What they want is someone they can relate to, who shows genuine understanding and compassion for how they are feeling, as well as knowing they’re not alone in their experience.

The Happiness Hangout, is a 10-week wellbeing program for tween girls aged 10-12, and teen girls aged 13+; who are experiencing ongoing stress, anxiety and overwhelm, bundled with feelings of low confidence and low self-esteem.

Delivered over 10 weeks face to face after school, this peer-based program will be an engaging and transformational opportunity for your teen girl to develop:

  • self-awareness
  • effective coping skills
  • as well as the understanding she’s not alone in her thoughts and feelings.

Here’s what students and parents had to say…

Thank you Amanda for helping our daughter find her inner happier self and slowly grow stronger & more confident. Both my husband & myself have seen the wonderful changes over the 7 weeks she has been doing the course & we are so happy to see her smiling after months of unhappiness. The course has been invaluable for her & far more useful than psychology sessions.

Star Rating Given


Mrs H


I am less negative and more positive.

It’s a great program for teenagers that struggle with being happy and are dealing with mental health struggles.

It’s also great to know what we are all going through.

You can find and relate to other people’s feelings because we might be going through the same things, like transitioning from primary school to high school.

Star Rating Given


Miss A


Before meeting Amanda my daughter seemed to be withdrawn and not coping generally with life’s expectations as a teenager.

This overwhelmed her and led her to start playing up at school or generally disengaging with everyone around her.

This was causing our home life and also her school friendships and grades to fall to the side.

Amanda has given my daughter the building blocks to start learning alternative ways to handle life in general.

The changes I have seen in my daughter have been immeasurable and I am grateful every day to have met Amanda, we are looking forward to continuing our journey with Amanda for the foreseeable future and wouldn’t know what our life would have looked like without her and her teachings.

If you’re on the fence just do it. Best decision we’ve ever made.

Star Rating Given


Mrs M


Listening to the recording has been amazing for me. I think before I do things now and I make more positive decisions.
Can’t wait to come back!
If you’re thinking about enrolling I would say do it! It’s nice to be around a group while we are learning. It made me feel not so alone.

Star Rating Given


Miss K L


The She Shed

What to expect from this program

Delivered in-person once a week after school, the program focuses on teaching and practising a range of strategies to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm, including:

  • An introduction to breathwork as a method to release stress and anxiety;
  • An introduction to meditation as a method to manage stress and calm the mind;
  • Group Hypnotherapy to instil feelings of calm, self-belief and self-confidence;
  • A hypnotic audio to integrate feelings of calm, self-belief and self-confidence to listen to throughout the program;
  • An introduction to movement as a method to relax the body and calm the mind;
  • An introduction to journaling as a method to download and process emotions;
  • An introduction to positive affirmations and how these can empower a positive mindset;
  • An introduction to mindfulness habits to manage stress and anxiety;
  • Education and play with mood-boosting exercise;
  • Education about mood-boosting foods.

All of the materials required for the program are included, including a workbook with activities covered each week.

Date | Time | Place

This program is run as an in-person term program in line with the QLD school term dates.

Private residence:

5 Kimberley Court, Eatons Hill

A maximum of 6 girls per group

Programs Available 

Tween Program, girls aged 10-12

Mondays, 430pm-530pm

Teen Program, girls aged 13+

Wednesdays, 430pm-530pm





Given the nature of this program and the nature of our teens, this program is designed for teen girls only. If you’re interested in a program for teen boys, please reach out and let me know. 


The classes are limited to a maximum of 6 girls to keep the class size small and comfortable for the girls to open up and share their experiences and points of view.


The Happiness Hangout has been designed for tween girls aged 10-12, and teen girls aged 13+, who are experiencing issues around stress management, anxiety and low self-confidence.  The program focuses on helping the girls to become more self-aware, to identify their emotions and in particular, teaching and practising proven coping strategies and techniques to manage stress and anxiety, so they can build confidence and resilience around facing the challenges of being a teen today.


I do understand things come up that may mean your child misses a lesson.  You can be assured that any important lesson content will be shared with you to pass on to your daughter. 

Given the nature of this program, make-up sessions are not available. This is a group container and doesn’t include any 1:1 support.


Amanda will include a group hypnotherapy session in either Week 2 or Week 3.

Hypnosis is like being in deep meditation, or light and relaxing sleep where your mind can still hear and respond to the words you hear.

The group hypnotherapy class will be centred around releasing stress and anxiety and building phenomenal coping skills and self-confidence.

This is one of the most powerful parts of the program and is not to be missed!

If for some reason you don’t want your daughter to participate in this, then she can skip this class at your discretion.

Credits or refunds are not available for any missed classes.

Please note: 1:1 hypnotherapy is available by private booking.


Sure thing!  Just reach out to Amanda directly via email, or contact her directly during business hours on 0421 737 667.

I’m Amanda

I’m the owner of Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy, a former Personal Trainer, mother of two teenage boys.

My qualifications and expertise include: 

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • Certificate III & IV Personal Training (“PT”)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • 8 years experience in business as a PT for women and teen girls
  • Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist ™️ hypnotherapy. 

I’m also a recovering perfectionist and high achiever.  I’ve healed from a decade-long eating disorder that began in my late teens, and I’ve been to the brink of physical and emotional burnout more than once, whilst living with high functioning anxiety for many years.

That was the ‘me before RTT’.

Before I received RTT therapy, I had a deeply rooted subconscious belief that I was not good enough. 

And in my personal experience, no amount of journaling, writing positive affirmations, talk therapy, no amount of positive praise or affirmation from others could change my beliefs.

It didn’t seem to matter what I achieved, it was never quite good enough, it could always be better and I had to strive harder next time.

And when your core belief is ‘I’m not enough’, nothing ever feels enough and when left undealt with, in my experience, this can translate into filling this void with things like:

  • addictive behaviours
  • eating issues
  • people pleasing behaviour
  • a lack of self-belief
  • a lack of self-trust
  • a lack of self-confidence
  • a lack of self-worth
  • anxiety
  • depression

And so on. 

It wasn’t until I found Rapid Transformational Therapy ™️ that my story began to change in the most incredible way.

And now, my mission is to share that emotional freedom with others.

Amanda xo