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Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & OCD

To be honest, as silly as it might sound, I actually feel like I can breathe again, if that makes sense.

Angela came to me after experiencing decades of anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 

She had already tried lots of things including traditional therapy and alternative therapies including essential oils, dietary supplements, meditation and mindfulness strategies and more. And although she experienced some relief from these techniques, she found she was on a continual cycle of anxiety that would come in waves which she described as like being on a rollercoaster travelling along smoothly for a while, before ascending into what would become a descending spiral.  

The OCD impacted on this woman daily in the form of checking locks on doors repeatedly and checking the alarm was set repeatedly, in particular when her husband was away. 


Here’s some of what Angela said:

The OCD patterns created a lot of stress and anxiety, as well as wasted time going back and forth and sometimes resulting in her having to return home just to check once again before she could continue on with her day. 

The client came to me, initially sceptical about whether this could work for her because she had resigned herself to idea that she was stuck with it and this was just who she was, an anxious person with some quirky OCD traits to contend with.

The client responding incredibly well to the hypnotic suggestions and I knew immediately she would be a great candidate for Rapid Transformational Therapy. 

What makes a great candidate you might ask? Well someone who is very open to the idea that this can help them ( your mind is very powerful and if you think it won’t, it won’t and if you think it will, then it will) and someone who is willing to trust the process, relax into the process and allow me to guide them knowing they are in full control of what they do or don’t say. 

So after just 1 session of Rapid Transformational Therapy and about 14 days of listening to the personalised hypnosis audio I created for her, the client began to notice some subtle and then not so subtle shifts.

I feel a lot calmer and don't tend to sweat the small stuff so much. I don't get stuck so much in my head where I would find myself stuck in a loop of locking doors or making sure I have done something. I don't tend to feel as nervous as I did a lot of the time, before having my session. To be honest, as silly as it might sound, I actually feel like I can breathe again, if that makes sense.
I would thoroughly recommend Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy to others without a doubt. I have suffered from anxiety for many years and had unfortunately resided myself to the fact that life with it was the new normal for me. I'm so glad I went and my only regret is that I never came across this type of therapy sooner.

Google Review: Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

"I wasn't sure what to expect and had concerns that it might not be as effective as I hoped. I'm in awe of what I discovered."

Gained amazing insights and transformation that I haven't been able to through other methods. Felt so safe and supported throughout the whole process. I'm in awe of what I discovered and just how deeply the wound extended. But also how fast I was able to change it all thanks to your guidance.
Kara Stokes, Perth AUS
Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Google Reviews

Hypnotherapy & Mindset Coaching For Confidence In Business

I have been both a coaching client & a hypnotherapy client of Amanda and I can honestly say that the work I have down with her has changed my life in so many incredible ways.
My businesses have grown, my confidence has grown, my mindset has expanded. I feel like she cleared the path ahead of me allowing me to step into my full potential!!
Thank you Amanda I am truly grateful, Lisa

Lisa Carroll

Brisbane, AUS

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

I sought out Amanda’s support after struggling with anxiety medication. Not only did it upset my stomach, it didn’t alleviate the anxiety.

I spent three months with Amanda & felt the benefit of hypnosis after just one session.

The personalised, post session audio Amanda shared after each session embedded each learning & I have them forever.

Amanda’s warm, genuine approach, professionalism & passion for helping others has lightened my hefty load.

Finally, I have released deeply embedded fight or flight & now actively pursue detach & dream. Thank you Amanda for the the ability to breathe deep again

Ami Lea Nielsen

Cara Baxter McDonald

Adelaide, AUS

Hypnotherapy For Alcohol Addiction

I’ve had a lot of coaching over the last few years, but the sessions I’ve had with Amanda were mind blowing!
I am so relaxed it feels easy with her. She holds a space so well that creates such a deep trust that I’ve been able to tap into the deepest parts of myself.
I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough! She’s absolutely amazing at what she does! 

Ami Lea Nielsen

Brisbane, AUS

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