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1) You, the Client, are agreeing to 12 weeks of private coaching, which includes Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Mindset Coaching. Coaching, which is not directive advice, counselling, or therapy, may address overall goals, specific projects, or general conditions in the Client's life or profession. Coaching services may include setting priorities, establishing goals, identifying resources, brainstorming, creating action plans, asking clarifying questions, and providing models, examples, and in-the-moment skills training. 2) RTT is a very unique method that typically requires one (1) to three (3) sessions to resolve most deeply-rooted issues and you will receive three (3) RTT sessions during this 12-week coaching intensive. RTT uses hypnosis, which is a completely safe and relaxing process where you will remain in control throughout the duration of your session. 3) During RTT, you will be regressed back to several memories in order to uncover where, when, how and why you developed the presenting issue. The insights from this will help you to gain deeper understanding of the root, cause, and reason for the presenting issue. 4) You agree it is your responsibility to pay the fees as set in this package as per the payment schedule and show up for all of the sessions included in your coaching package, within the agreed 12-week coaching period. 4) It's important to understand that you play an active role in the successful outcome of your coaching sessions. You must be motivated and committed to change, trust your Therapist, and follow through with this process as guided by your Therapist, Amanda Cremonini. 5) You will need to actively participate by listening to the personalised Transformation Audio that will be provided to you, for at least 21 days after each RTT session, which is an essential part of re-coding your mind and embedding positive new beliefs. 6) RTT is not intended to be a substitute for advice or care from a qualified medical professional. 7) To protect your privacy, all client data is kept strictly confidential. 8) Before taking part in your RTT session(s), please ensure: * That you do not suffer from epilepsy. * That you will be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol during the course of your session. * If your session is online, the environment around you is safe and that you will not be disturbed/distracted. * That you provide me with a phone number or other ways of communication in case of a technology failure for online sessions. * That you provide me with a third- party emergency contact number. 9) If you cannot attend your scheduled session, you agree to give 24 hours notice. If you fail to show for your booked session without giving the required notice period, the session is still payable.


Liability I hereby release Amanda Cremonini, from any liability or claims that could be made against her concerning my mental and/or physical well-being during the work that has been outlined and agreed upon (now and in the future) by filling out this form. Scope of Practice I understand that Amanda Cremonini is not a licensed physician, psychologist, or medical practitioner of any kind and that hypnotherapy should not be considered a replacement for the advice and/or services, of a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or doctor. Participation I give Amanda Cremonini, full permission to hypnotise me and to use Rapid Transformational Therapy® knowing that by participating fully in the process and by listening to my personalised recording for 21 days I play an important role in my overall success. Guarantee I understand that although Rapid Transformational Therapy® has an incredibly high success rate, Amanda Cremonini cannot and does not guarantee results since my own personal success depends on many factors that Amanda Cremonini has no control over, including my willingness and desire to affect the changes inside of myself. Audio Recording(s) I give Amanda Cremonini full permission to make audio recordings that may include my voice. I understand that if a recording (or recordings) are made during or after my session(s) Amanda Cremonini retains full copyright over any forms of media that may be produced and distributed to me. Deepening Process I hereby grant permission to Amanda Cremonini to respectfully lift my arm, touch my shoulder, or rock my head during my Rapid Transformational session(s) in order to help facilitate the deepening process. Confidentiality By submitting this form, I consent that Amanda Cremonini may release information to a specific individual or agency if it has been determined that a vulnerable person (child or elder) is at risk; if I, as a client, am in imminent danger to myself or others; or if a subpoena of records has been requested. I also understand that, at any time, Amanda Cremonini may discuss aspects of my case with other colleagues keeping my full name and identity completely confidential always unless I have given permission otherwise.
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