Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy


Choose the package that's right for you

Reset your health, wellbeing and happiness

Single Session

Kickstart your journey to a healthier, happier, more confident you with a single transformative RTT session designed to quickly identify and release a specific issues holding you back. This option is perfect for more minor concerns, or for someone who is curious to experience Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy. Includes a personalised self hypnosis audio to rewire your mind for the changes you want to experience.

Price: $349 AUD

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

1 Month Intensive

Embark on a month-long intensive journey to revitalise your mind and body. Includes one personalised session combined with 30 days of tailored support and accountability to support your success. Plus a Next Steps Success Call to anchor your ongoing progress.
Includes 1 personalised self hypnosis audio to prime your mind for the changes you want to experience

Price: $549 AUD

Up level your confidence the fast way with hypnotherapy

3 Month Intensive

Elevate your life with our three-month intensive program. Experience three transformative sessions and ongoing tailored support and accountability, ensuring profound and sustainable shifts in your health and happiness.

Includes 3 personalised self hypnosis audios to prime your mind for the changes you want to experience.

Price: $1549 AUD

Before you leave, I'd love to gift you a free copy of Unleash Confidence a beautiful hypnosis audio I created to empower self love and confidence

Grab your free copy of this empowering hypnosis audio and start priming your mind for more confidence today! All you need to do is listen to this beautiful audio track daily for 21 days or more and begin to notice the positive changes happening within!