Hi! I’m Amanda.

I’m the owner of Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy, a former Personal Trainer, mother of two boys and I’m married to the man I happened to fall in love with while living in the UK in the year 2000.

I specialise in empowering women and teens to uncover and release the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in a cycle of low confidence, low self-esteem and low self-worth; together with the associated strings that come attached to this.

I’m also a recovering perfectionist and high achiever; I’ve healed from a decade long eating disorder that began in my late teens, and I’ve been to the brink of physical and emotional burnout more than once, whilst living with high functioning anxiety for many years.

That was the ‘me before RTT’.

The me before RTT had a deeply rooted subconscious belief that I was ‘not enough’.

And in my personal experience, no amount of journaling, writing positive affirmations, no amount of positive praise or affirmation from others could change my beliefs.

It didn’t seem to matter what I achieved, it was never quite good enough, it could always be better and I had to strive harder next time.

You see when your core belief, which is buried in your subconscious programming,  is ‘I’m not enough’, nothing ever feels enough.

And this can translate into things like:

  • food
  • work
  • success
  • money
  • love
  • exercise

And so on…

It wasn’t until I found Rapid Transformational Therapy that my story began to change in the most incredible way.

And now, my mission is to share that emotional freedom with others.

Amanda xo


Dear diary….

I would write these words over and over to no avail.



I am enough.


I am worthy.


I am deserving.


I am successful.


I am abundant.

I haven’t always believed that our mind is as powerful as I know it to be now and as someone who has a fact-based mind, I always look for evidence of what’s true and possible.

And what I know now is that our mind is always looking for evidence to support our beliefs.

Read that again.

Our mind is always looking for evidence to support our beliefs! Whether our beliefs are correct or not, our mind will look for evidence to support what we think is true to us. 

And when you understand the majority of our beliefs are formed at a very early age, way before we have an opportunity to understand the context of those beliefs and way before we could decide whether those beliefs are true and correct for us, you can see where our problems begin.

If at the root of it all you hold the belief I am:

NOT good enough

NOT worthy

NOT deserving

NOT successful

NOT abundant

Then so it is.

RTT Hypnotherapy helps you reach and reveal what lies beneath your issue, then clean up all of that up all of those thoughts and beliefs, so that you can receive new and empowering beliefs, and then experience the freedom and fulfilment in life you want to experience. 

This is how RTT hypnotherapy works it’s magic.

Whilst in hypnosis, first we uncover the core belief(s). 

I find out exactly where, when, how and why you acquired this belief. 

And whilst in that powerful state of hypnosis, I work with you to clean up those belief with specific reframing techniques and tools.

And finally, using your framework of words and how you want to feel without the issue you’ve been dealing with, I then give you a powerful upgrade by installing new beliefs that will enable you to shift into a new perspective and new experience of your life. 

This is the magic of RTT hypnotherapy and it truly is rapid and transformational.


And it is through this magic that I have not only transformed myself, but I’m now transforming the lives of others.

Don’t wait for success to come to you, you must go to it.

Marisa Peer