Is it mind control?

It’s funny I’ve had quite a few clients say to me:

You’re not going to make me cluck like a chicken are you?

If you want me to do that for you, then sure! But no, that’s not what RTT hypnotherapy is all about and it’s one of the myths I would like to bust about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

 It’s common for people to associate hypnosis and hypnotherapy with what they may have seen in Stage Shows or in the movies, whereby people are hypnotized and convinced to do strange things like cluck like a chicken, bark like a dog, play an imaginary violin on certain commands, or whatever else you may have seen on stage, or in the movies.

RTT hypnotherapy is not about entertainment and it’s not about mind control.

I like to think of RTT hypnotherapy as being more like an investigation of the mind.  Under hypnosis, I go on a journey with the client into their subconscious mind to recall the very moment(s) that an particular belief / or issue was formed.

The issue they present with may be a physical, emotional or mental issue, that has manifested from a particular experience, or experiences in their life during which they formed particular beliefs about themselves and what the experience meant about them.

Someone may have an experience where they are punished for making mistakes as a child and they then form the belief that they must be perfect, can never make a mistake or the wrong choice and so their mind will create things like procrastination, fear, anxiety, perfectionism to in effect STOP the person from making mistakes again so they won’t have that experience of feeling not enough / not loveable / not worthy.

Once we identify the belief and when this belief was formed, we can then reframe the belief with their adult perspective and clean that old viewpoint up to give a clear and true perspective. 

Once we have a clear and true perspective, we can then invite in all of the things the client wants to think, believe and feel. 

To simplify, in RTT hypnotherapy the Therapist, together with the client will:

 find the trash.

 take out the trash.

make space for the things we want our life to be filled with.

And when you understand that our powerful thoughts, create our beliefs, our feelings and our actions, then you will understand just how incredibly powerful our subconscious beliefs are in either helping us, or hindering us from living our best life as our best selves.

RTT Hypnotherapy offers rapid and powerful understanding and transformation usually within just 1-3 sessions, unlike traditional talk therapy that can continue for a session per week for years.


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