It’s funny that I’ve had quite a few clients say to me: You’re not going to make me cluck like a chicken are you?

And it’s one of the common myths I’d like to bust about hypnosis and hypnotherapy because for many people, their only association is what they may have seen in stage shows, or in the movies, whereby people are hypnotised and convinced to do strange things like cluck like a chicken, bark like a dog, play an imaginary violin on certain commands, or whatever else you may have seen on stage, or in the movies.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (“RTT ® “) is not about entertainment and it’s not about mind control.

In fact, RTT ® is a very powerful, award winning hybrid therapy created by Marisa Peer, which combines many of the positive attributes of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and neuroscience principles.

I like to think of RTT ® as being like hypnotherapy on steroids because it goes deeper than just putting in positive suggestions. It’s more like an investigation of the mind under hypnosis with the RTT Therapist guiding the client to access specific memories that have created an emotional imprint and impression in their mind, which specifically links to what they are now experiencing mentally, emotionally or even physically as an adult.

For example, a client recalls they were punished as a child for making mistakes. They felt ashamed and outcast by their parents who withdrew love from them any time they made a mistake. The client interprets these moments as a child and creates a belief that goes something like: I must be perfect and can never make a mistake, or make the wrong choice in order to be loved and accepted by others. And from this belief, the client’s subconscious mind will create things like procrastination, fear based thinking, anxiety, or perfectionism to in effect stop the person from making mistakes again, so they won’t have to experience feeling not enough , unloveable or unworthy ever again.

The exciting thing is, once you identify the belief, you can then reframe the belief from your adult perspective and then clean up and discard the unhelpful beliefs you formed as a child, somewhere between the age of 0-7.

And once the old programming is reframed and deleted, this creates the space for your mind to accept new suggestions and beliefs that are positive and empowering to help you shift out of old patterns and habits that don’t serve you.

To simplify, in RTT ® the Therapist will help the client to:

  • find the old beliefs that are causing pain, frustration and patterns in their life they want to get rid of
  • reframe those beliefs through the eyes of the adult client
  • create the space for new, empowering beliefs that will enable the client to reach their full potential because it is your beliefs that create your thoughts, feelings and actions, so when you change your beliefs your beliefs change you! It’s simple, powerful and effective.

RTT ® offers a rapid and powerful response and significant and permanent transformation usually occurs within just 1-3 sessions, unlike traditional talk therapy which can continue for weeks, months or even years.

I’ve helped people just like you to release the root-cause of debilitating conditions like anxiety, depression, eating issues, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, fear of the future, toxic relationships, and lack of self-trust, which they’ve been suffering with for decades, in just 1-2 sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy.

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