Just imagine this for a moment with me now.

Imagine if:

  • we normalised mental health & fitness as much as we normalise physical health & fitness.
  • we all collaborated together on the same mission to normalise mental health & fitness as being as important as physical health & fitness.
  • we spent equal amounts of time and money on our mental health & fitness as we do our physical health & fitness.

Imagine if :

  • our governments and industry got behind this as a global mission.
  • there was equal marketing spend on mental health & fitness as there is on physical health & fitness.
  • what we see in physical health & fitness marketing was more *real life* instead of a lot of the bullsh^t unattainable stereotypes we see promoted on social media, on billboard marketing, in magazines and shop-front windows.

What would change for you personally?
What would change in your family?
What would change in your close circle of friends and loved ones?
What would change in your community?
What would change in the world around you?
What would change in the wider world?

And if you can see the positive change it would have, then my question is, what are you prepared to do to be part of that global change?

Because if we all did a little bit and all played our part in this as a global mission, imagine the possibilities for change in this world