So many of us sleep-walk through life not wanting to feel our feelings.  We use things like drugs, alcohol, excessive exercise, escaping into virtual reality, gambling and many other distractions to either numb the feelings or just avoid dealing with them. But what if you knew your subconscious mind held all the answers?

There is a quote from Henry Maudsley as ‘The sorrow that has no vent in tears may make other organs weep’ (Maudsley, 1867).

Just ponder the meaning of that quote for a moment and consider what this might mean.

If we don’t express our feelings through tears and words, they may manifest into illness, disease, and injury of other organs.

It’s very normal to have concerns about what lies beneath our physical, emotional or mental issues and it’s normal to have some fear and anxiety around this too.

What will come up? What will it reveal?

But when we come back to the expression above, if we don’t face and understand our pains, how can we ever heal from them, and if we don’t heal from them, we will carry them into our future and into the future of our other generations.

So yes, it can be a little scary but the reality is, you have already lived through that experience and survived it.

When I work with you in hypnosis, you are not reliving the experience you are simply re-viewing the experience, much like if you are watching a movie.

So don’t be scared, rather be excited about the possibilities of creating new understanding that will help you to shift out of the recurring thoughts, feelings, habits and actions.

The majority of our beliefs are formed before the age of 7 when we are learning and absorbing everything into our subconscious mind. 

Conscious thinking kicks in later on.

So now that you know this, do you still feel scared about what’s inside your subconscious mind?

Imagine the possibilities of being able to identify the trash, take it out and make space for a life you truly want to live?