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Amanda Cremonini, Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy

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Are you searching for a trusted hypnotherapist near Eatons Hill, Northside Brisbane? Cool! You found me! I’m Amanda Cremonini, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, and I’m here to help guide you to become the healthiest, happiest and most confident version of YOU!

Why Choose Me Out Of The Many?

Great question! I think it has a lot to do with personal chemistry. I mean you can have all of the qualifications and experience, but if you don’t gel with the person and in particular feel like you can trust them and feel safe to open up fully about what you’re going through, then this is going to be a real barrier to your personal transformation. Building personal trust with people is something I would consider I’m naturally good at and you know why? It’s because I genuinely care about you, what you’re going through and in particular, helping you to finally be able to move to the other side of that experience and leave it in the past. But here’s my CV of experience so you can get more of a feel for who I am, who I’ve helped and how I might be able to help you too.

  1. Experience: With over 10 years of experience helping people transform their lives, formerly as a Personal Trainer (8 years) and more recently a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, since November 2021. Since then, I’ve helped countless women, men and teens to overcome a range of challenges, from general and social anxiety, anxious attachment issues, OCD, eating issues, toxic relationships, addictions and compulsions, and also things like self doubt and confidence.
  2. Specialised Approach: My approach is rooted in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a powerful method that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and neuroscience to achieve rapid and lasting results. It’s what helped me to shift decades of feeling like I wasn’t good enough that fed into things like an eating disorder, people pleasing, perfectionism, procrastination, burnout and generally missing out on the joy in life because I just never thought I was good enough, no matter what I did. And that’s all changed for me now and the internal shifts I’ve made in my subconscious mind, have translated into my conscious thinking and behaviour. I look and feel happier, more relaxed and way more loving and accepting of who I am, flaws and all. Anxiety, overwhelm and fear based procrastination and agonising perfectionism and mostly a thing of the past now.
  3. Personalised Care: Because of the breadth of experience both professionally and personally, I understand that each person is unique, and even if you come to me with the same symptoms as someone else, the experiences that have led this and also your experience of the symptoms is unique to you, which is why you can expect a completely tailored session(s) to address your specific needs, goals and personal experience. This isn’t One Size Fits All and every session, as well as every audio I create is completely personalised for you.
  4. Proven Results: I have so many testimonials from clients sharing about the positive impact RTT and working with me has had on their lives, helping them break free from limiting beliefs, old stories about who they think they are, let go of traumatic events from the past including which is often mino trauma that has had a major imprint and impact on their life, so that they can experience deep happiness, fulfilment and joy in their life.

What to Expect

When you choose me as your hypnotherapist, you can expect:

  • A warm and welcoming environment where you can feel safe and supported
  • A confidential space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences
  • Practical tools and strategies to help you navigate life’s challenges with confidence
  • Support and guidance as you progress on your journey of personal growth and transformation

Convenient Location

Amanda’s home-based practice is conveniently located in leafy Eatons Hill, on the Northside of Brisbane, making it easily accessible to residents of Eatons Hill and surrounding suburbs.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back from living the life you deserve. Take the first step towards positive change today by scheduling an initial call with me. Contact me now to book your appointment and start your journey towards greater happiness, health, and fulfilment.

Amanda is a former Personal Trainer, turned Rapid Transformational Therapist who is dedicated to helping you break free from self-limiting beliefs and unleash your true potential. With over a decade of experience in empowering individuals become healthier, happier and more confident, including overcoming obstacles like self doubt, low confidence and self esteem, anxiety and depression; Amanda is passionate about guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and true transformation through Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

As a former perfectionist overachiever who battled with bulimia and high-functioning anxiety for years, Amanda offers a unique perspective and personal insights in understanding challenges. Through a combination of hypnotherapy, coaching, and compassionate support, Amanda is here to help you rewrite your story and step into a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfilment.

Ready to take the first step towards a brighter, more confident future? Don’t waste another trying to figure this out yourself. Schedule a free consultation with Amanda today.

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