Great question! And a valid one to be asking if you’re looking into an alternative therapy, which in my opinion is often way faster and more effective than some of the traditional pathways we are told we should follow and I’ll share why.

Unlike traditional ‘talk therapy’ models, like psychology and psychotherapy;  Rapid Transformational Therapy has been proven to work for most people within just 1-3 sessions due to the power of working with your subconscious mind, where 90-95% of your thoughts, feelings and actions on automation take place. 

Science backed evidence

And certainly, there is increasingly greater support within the medical industry for the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for pain management, anxiety relief and emotional regulation.

Studies referenced in this article by the National Library Of Medicine, have proven that when someone imagines something in hypnosis (colour, sound, physical activity and pain), recent neuroscience findings show us that similar areas of the brain are activated as when the person has that experience in reality. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy is an award-winning therapy developed by Marisa Peer,  a highly renowned therapist  in  Britain, which combines many of the positive and proven aspects of

  • hypnosis,
  • hypnotherapy
  • neuro-linguistic programming
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • psychotherapy

Have you heard of the word placebo?

And without needing to dig too deep into the science, consider the placebo effect you may have heard of, whereby in clinical trials a placebo medicine, usually an inert substance like sugar in the form of a pill that appears to be medicine, is given to a control group and the actual medicine is given to another control group. Observations are taken for both of these groups to measure the effectiveness of the medicine and in doing so, observations are also made about the placebo control group.

According to an article by Australian Clinical Trials, It has been shown that if you think and believe you are going to get better, you are more likely to do so. If you take something you believe to be an effective medicine, your symptoms may improve. Reassurance from a doctor or other health care professional also helps some people to feel better. This is known as the ‘placebo effect.’ It is an effect that is poorly understood but that can, nonetheless, be quite real and powerful.

It begs the question of why hypnotherapy and other forms of therapy that include hypnosis as the tool, aren’t used in more traditional therapy pathways to increase the effectiveness of treatment, healing, and recovery and indeed reducing the need for many invasive medical procedures.

In my personal & professional experience

And to wrap this up, allow me to speak from my personal and professional experience. I pivoted out of my long standing career as a successful Personal Trainer running a business that employed 2 people, into this profession because I experienced the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy, in particular, Rapid Transformational Therapy.

It was so powerful for me in un-learning some of the unhelpful habits my mind had adapted to, that I needed to learn how to help others in the same way my Therapist & Coach helped me.

And now that I’m a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, I continue to see the rapid and powerful changes that occur mentally, emotionally and even physically as a result of this powerful technique, within just 1-3 sessions.

I’ve helped clients to release decades of anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, fear of the future, people pleasing, toxic relationships, feeling like they’re not good enough, low self-worth, eating issues, anxious attachment issues and more, in just 1-3 sessions.

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