As parents we want our kids to be happy, but sometimes they’re not, no matter how much we try.

As parents want we want is for our kids to be happy.

But sometimes they’re not.

We want to see them makes friends easily.

But sometimes they don’t.

We want to see them enjoy success in their life.

But sometimes they don’t.

We want them to feel like they *fit in* whilst also wanting them to choose the *right crowd*

But sometimes they won’t.

We want our kids to make *good choices*

But sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes our teens are really:

  • unhappy
  • hurting on the inside
  • overwhelmed by life
  • having trouble making friends
  • struggling at school
  • choosing the wrong people
  • overthinking everything
  • afraid of day to day situations
  • unmotivated
  • worried about their future

And I want to help those teens, because once upon a few decades ago, I was one of those teens too.

And in my experience working with adult women, the teens who are experiencing emotional turmoil like anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, a lack of self-belief and a lack of self-worth, also become women who are holding the same feelings and beliefs about themselves.

And I want to break that kinetic chain.

I created The Happiness Hangout as somewhere that teen girls can come once a week and:

feel like they’re not the only one

talk and listen in safety

learn & practice practical solutions

understand & manage their emotions

feel safe & supported

grow to like themselves more

feel more positive about their future

More than anything our teen girls need to know that they are loveable, they are worthy and they are indeed good enough exactly as they are.

As parents, one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is that belief in themselves and to do that, we must first believe it is available to us and also available to them too.

If you need support for your teen, you can find out more about The Happiness Hangout here or find out more about how I can support you as their parent, visit this link here.


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