Of course your are! You may think you’re not ready right now, but if you’re willing to change, then you’re ready to change.

And once you take this incredible journey, you will wish you started it years ago. 

Your Future Self awaits, within a brighter, bolder, happier and more colourful future!

So let’s begin this new exciting chapter of your life where you get to live life to your full potential with confidence and self-belief.


My only regret is that I never came across this type of therapy sooner.

“I would thoroughly recommend Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy to others without a doubt.

I have suffered from anxiety for many years and had unfortunately resigned myself to the fact that life with it was the new normal for me.

I’m so glad I went.  My only regret is that I never came across this type of therapy sooner. “


Now that you’ve read about the incredible transformation that RTT can offer you,

You’ve read through the FAQ’s

You’ve read the Client Results

You know you are ready to heal and transform the issue that’s dragging you down and holding you back from your best self, and best life!

Your transformation awaits!


30 Day 1:1 RTT Program

You have 1 primary issue that you would like to release during 30 days of 1:1 support with Amanda. 

Let’s Release! 


  • 1 x RTT® session, 90min-120min duration, in-person in Eatons Hill, or on Zoom from wherever you are.
  • A personalised hypnotic recording that you listen to every night for 30 days to integrate the new beliefs and empower specific neural changes to occur in your brain
  • Integration support via email or messenger for 30 days, Monday to Friday, as required.
  • 1 x 30min check-in session, over the phone or via Zoom, around day 14
  • 1 x 30min follow-up session on completion of your 30 Day Program, over the phone, or on Zoom
Or Instalment Payments
2 payments of $280


In the event you require an additional session for the same issue during your 30 day program, or within 60 days of booking your first session, this is available to you at the following rate.

$250 per additional session for the same issue.