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I was sceptical about Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy until I tried it for myself

Amanda Cremonini, owner Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy

I tried so many different things before I tried Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and nothing worked as powerfully, or permanently as this. I feel like a new person with the freedom to truly be myself.

Hi! I’m Amanda. Owner of Smiling Hearts and Minds Hypnotherapy, Mum of 2, former Personal Trainer and a recovering perfectionist overachiever who always looked like I had my shit together on the outside, but was deeply struggling on the inside. 

After struggling with undiagnosed high functioning anxiety for most of my life, which  showed up as perfectionism, people pleasing, an eating disorder, constantly seeking external validation and approval and never feeling like I was good enough, I finally reached my breakdown moment in 2019 which was also the beginning of my breakthrough with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). 

I knew there must be a better way to live my life and after trying so many different things that only worked temporarily.  Then after experiencing a few sessions of RTT whilst working 1:1 with a Mindset Coach, that’s when everything finally began to shift and change in the most empowering way.

I was sceptical about RTT in the beginning, like most people I guess and I didn’t believe it could achieve the claims that were promised, that was until I tried it myself.  And it positively changed the way I felt about myself and within myself so much so, that I just knew I had to become trained in this phenomenal therapeutic method, so that I could help other women at the deep and profound level that I experienced myself. 

RTT changed me and my life for the better, so much so that I knew it was my calling to help other women using this phenomenal technique.  

Fast forward to 2021 when I completed my 12 month certification as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and since that time I’ve helped so many women, teens and men to get to the root cause of issues like:

And I can’t wait to support you soon too. 

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