If you’re a woman in business, who’s either starting out or starting over again as I have been, then you’re going to want to take note of these crucial mindset lessons for your next year of business.

1. It doesn’t need to be perfect to be good enough, so just launch the damn thing already!

2. Nobody else has it all figured out and so why should you be any different? Just let that sh^t go and move forward girlfriend.

3. You’re the Boss Lady and so that means you get to create your measure of success. This is a good one to remember, especially if you’re not earning those elusive $10K months the industry keeps bangin’ on about!

4. When nobody buys your product or service, it doesn’t mean anything about your worth, or the value of your product or service. Your self worth isn’t attached to your results. Read that again, especially if you’re a high-achieving overachiever like me it might take a few times for this to sink in.

5. It’s your business journey lovely, so remember to stay in your own lane!

6. You don’t need another certification to prove that you’re good enough. So stop with all of the certifications, or hiding behind more study. You’ve got this!

7. And the best one until last, it’s your biz and so it’s your rules. You get to create your own business and life by your design. The more you can lean in to what feels good to you and aligned with you and your values, the better your business and life will become and the less anxious you may feel about all of the things you supposedly ‘should be doing’.

If you found this helpful, let me know in the comments below and if you’d like further support around your mindset as the high achiever bad ass Boss Lady that I know you are, then reach out to book a call on this link.