I'm Amanda

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist RTT ™️ and Mindset Coach.

I empower women & teens to get unstuck from anxiety and self-doubt and believe in themselves enough to live life to their full potential with confidence.

I facilitate this using a powerful combination of RTT™️ Hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching.

I work with clients face to face from my private hypnotherapy lounge in Eatons Hill, Queensland, or on Zoom from anywhere in the world.

My only regret is that I never came across this type of therapy sooner.

“I would thoroughly recommend Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy to others without a doubt.

I have suffered from anxiety for many years and had unfortunately resigned myself to the fact that life with it was the new normal for me.

I’m so glad I went.  My only regret is that I never came across this type of therapy sooner. “


What is RTT?

You don’t have to keep living with it

I know what it’s like to go through life with self-doubt, a lack of self-belief and low self-worth. 

It’s exhausting and limiting.  It steals the joy from your life and your inner happiness.

And you don’t like feeling this way, I know this because I’ve been there.

And if you’re like me, you’ve already tried to figure this out on your own and it’s just not working on the deep and permanent level you need it to.

Maybe you’ve even resigned yourself to feeling this way because you think this is who you are.

I’m here to tell you, that you weren’t born this way and this isn’t who you are.

When you came into this world you were full of self-belief and self-worth and you believed you were worthy of all of your needs being met.

But somewhere along the way, something happened. Something very impactful. Maybe not a big event, but it had a BIG impact and it left a tremendous BIG imprint in your subconscious mind.

This event and the ones that followed changed the way you see yourself. 

They changed the lens through which you look at the world and yourself within it.

But just as you were able to change your view of yourself and the world back then, you can also change your view of yourself and the world now in the most powerful and permanent way.

I know this because I’ve experienced this.  Now I’m trained in these powerful techniques and I want to share the solution with you too, so you can change how you see yourself and live life with the confidence that you were born with.

Maybe you’ve already tried things like:






Positive affirmations








You’ve had some success but nothing really changes on a deep and permanent level and you don’t know why? 

Do you ever feel like there’s something that lies beneath your thoughts, beliefs and habits, but you don’t know what, or how to get at it?

Maybe you feel like there’s something bubbling just below your surface and if someone asked the right questions it would all come pouring out?

Or maybe you’re someone who looks happy on the outside, but you feel incredibly sad on the inside, even though you know you ‘should be’ happy?

Do you feel like you are never ENOUGH?

  • not good enough
  • not successful enough
  • not smart enough
  • not attractive enough
  • not thin enough
  • not strong enough
  • not wealthy enough
  • not funny enough
  • not creative enough
  • not happy enough

And you know this feeling of ‘not enough’ is stealing your opportunity for inner peace, happiness and success in all facets of your life.

Or perhaps you who hold down, or numb your feelings with excessive: 

  • alcohol
  • food
  • drugs
  • sex
  • exercise
  • work
  • humour 
  • or pretending to be ok?

You wish you could set yourself free from these habits that you know aren’t helping, whilst also creating a whole set of other issues for you to deal with.

RTT® IS like having the MASTER KEY TO unlock the root cause of your issue(s), so you can SET YOURSELF FREE, reach your full potential and enjoy a fulfilling life!


To Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy and the Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT® method.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Amanda xo

Hi, I’m Amanda. I’m the owner of Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy, a former Personal Trainer, mother of two boys and I’m married to the man I happened to fall in love with while living in the UK in the year 2000.

I specialise in empowering women and teens to uncover and release the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in a cycle of low confidence, low self-esteem and low self-worth; together with the associated strings that come attached to this.

I’m also a recovering perfectionist and high achiever; I’ve healed from a decade long eating disorder that began in my late teens, and I’ve been to the brink of physical and emotional burnout more than once, whilst living with high functioning anxiety for many years.

That was the ‘me before RTT’.

The me before RTT had a deeply rooted subconscious belief that I was ‘not enough’.

And in my personal experience, no amount of journaling, writing positive affirmations, no amount of positive praise or affirmation from others could change my beliefs.

It didn’t seem to matter what I achieved, it was never quite good enough, it could always be better and I had to strive harder next time.

You see when your core belief, which is buried in your subconscious programming,  is ‘I’m not enough’, nothing ever feels enough.

And this can translate into things like:

  • food
  • work
  • success
  • money
  • love
  • exercise

And so on…

It wasn’t until I found Rapid Transformational Therapy that my story began to change in the most incredible way.

And now, my mission is to share that emotional freedom with others.

Amanda xo


Here’s what some of my clients had to say…


Overeating & Anxiety

“Surprisingly to me, but maybe not to you, my overeating has slowed not with intent, I just don’t feel like doing it. I haven’t craved for the sweets at all since the session. I missed the first day of listening to the recording, just too much going on in my head. I am totally blown away by the entire experience.”

~ VICKI ~ 


Chronic Fatigue

“ I feel lighter in my head and in my body.  I feel exactly like I want to feel when I wake up in the morning and yet never feel this way, no matter how much sleep I have.”



Weight & Anxiety

“ I am down 1.2kg in the first 24 hours.  Hopefully the first 24 hours are setting the benchmark.”




Rapid Transformational Therapy (“RTT®”) embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients, including the use of trance, regression and hypnotic conditioning. 
RTT® is a specific method developed by award winning therapist, Marisa Peer, which utilises a very specific formula that she developed, which uncovers the root cause and what lies beneath WHY you are the way you are. 
 The RTT® method uses specific tools and techniques to extract those reasons, which are indeed limiting beliefs and under guided hypnosis, then install new and empowering beliefs to create positive and permanent change in your life. 
RTT® combines the most beneficial and most powerful principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP and CBT to create fast, effective and long lasting results. 
Founded in neuroscience, the RTT® method uses the brain’s neuroplasticity to re-wire and recode new pathways and new beliefs to create positive and permanent change in someone’s life. 
The difference between RTT® and many other forms of therapy is the speed of delivery and rapid response. 
RTT® delivers extraordinary, permanent change from a vast array of physical, emotional, and psychological conditions, by reframing the core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions that are held deep in the subconscious mind. 
RTT® works with your subconscious mind, rather than you conscious mind and under the guidance of your Therapist, will help you to uncover the root cause of your physical, emotional and psychological condition. 


  • Achieving Goals
  • Addictions
  • Anger Management 
  • Anxiety
  • Career
  • Chronic headaches, migraine
  • Compulsive Behaviour
  • Confidence and low self esteem 
  • Depression
  • Eating Issues
  • Emotional Blocks
  • Exam Stress
  • Fears and phobias
  • Feeling not lovable or not enough
  • Grief and loss
  • Guilt
  • Health Issues
  • Improve Memory, Focus, Concentration
  • Infertility
  • Insomnia and sleep issues 
  • Lack of Connection
  • Mental and physical burnout
  • Migraines
  • Money Blocks
  • Motivation
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Pain control
  • Panic Attacks
  • Procrastination
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Self-Esteem
  • Skin Problems
  • Sleep Problems
  • Smoking
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress and overwhelm 
  • Success Blocks
  • Weight Issues
We will begin the consultation process with a 15-20 minute Discovery Call for Amanda to find out about your Presenting Issue(s) and uncover what you would like to be free from.
The RTT session itself is usually around 90 minutes, up to 2 hours. Amanda will allow some time at the end to de-brief with you about your session before concluding. 
Amanda will send you the personalised Transformation Recording within 24 hours of your session and you will be asked to listen to this for a minimum of 21 days whilst in guided hypnosis. 
Amanda will talk with you beforehand to go through your Intake Form and get clarity on your current experience of the issue and how you want life to look and feel without the issue.
Then Amanda will talk through the process involved with the session and demonstrate some techniques before we get started on the hypnosis.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and be reassured of any concerns. The RTT hypnotherapy session itself will take approximately 90 minutes up to 2 hours.  At the end of the session, you will be brought back out of hypnosis and will have some time to de-brief from the session with Amanda. 
Most clients are ok to drive home immediately afterwards, or if you’re with Amanda on Zoom, then you will be in the comfort of your own space. 

When you’re in hypnosis, you will feel deeply relaxed and peaceful, kind of like you’re in a light sleep.  You can still hear everything, you will have full awareness of what’s happening during the session and will be able to respond to Amanda’s questions, all while in hypnosis. 


A lot of people are afraid they will ‘lose control’ during the session but the reality is, you do  have control over how you respond, if you respond and even if you want the session to continue. You can’t be made to say anything that you don’t want to say or do anything you don’t want to do. It’s important to note that during any regression to events in your life, you’re not reliving the experience, you’re simply reviewing the experience from your adult perspective now.

Most clients require between 1 and 3 sessions to completely transform their issue, provided they fully participate in their own healing.   

What this means is that you are open and believe that this healing is available to you and possible for you. It also means that you must actively participate by listening to your hypnotic audio recording for a minimum 21 days duration, or longer. 

Amanda may also provide other recommendations to faciliate your healing. 

Particular issues including weight issues, eating disorders, addictions and more complex and long term issues such as depression and anxiety may require longer, depending on each individual client. 
Furthermore, issues such as epilepsy, epileptic seizures, psychosis, psychotic episodes, narcism, and more complex mental health conditions including severe anxiety and depression are not suitable for this therapy. 
This is a bit like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’  The time it takes does vary depending on the client, the nature of the issues,  how long the Presenting Issue has been a part of their life and how they participate in the process. 
Some clients will feel an immediate shift right after the session, they feel different. Some may experience feeling lighter and happier. 
For many clients, change is experienced progressively over time and as you listen to your Personalised Transformation Recording, the shifts become more and more noticeable over time.
The RTT process and your therapeutic healing is a two-way partnership between you and your Therapist. One cannot succeed without the other’s full participation.

So your success will be very much dependent on your full participation in your healing and following the instructions that Amanda gives you during and after the session. 

So for those reasons, I cannot guarantee success.  

If for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the session you have received from Amanda, or your Personalised Transformation Audio, then you’re invited to contact Amanda within 30 days of your session discuss the appropriate outcome. 

Don’t wait for success to come to you, you must go to it.

Marisa Peer

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